About Me

10257872_10208139531667669_3105410152561668942_oWelcome friends and visitors.  My family tells me I talk through my fingers. I have always been able to get to the root of things through writing it out on paper.  Now, with my handy computer, I type because it is much faster. 😉

I am a very grateful daughter of the Living God who gave me the greatest gift of all … His one and only son Jesus Christ.   My main writing site is Susan Ream@Hubpages.  I am a woman of many and varied interests so you will find that my hub topics reflect that.  I was not raised as a believer and my home life was a nightmare. As you search my articles you will find bits and pieces of my personal story.  Stories of a little girl who did not feel loved by her parents and the transformation that took place when the greatest love in the universe found her.

I have also created a WordPress children’s story blog.  If you have little ones and enjoy story-telling, please check out my story blog called,  Moral Stories for Kids.   This is a blog of stories intended to teach morals to your children.  When I create a story for children I seek to teach and pass on the virtues of a godly life.

Children are our future and they are so teachable.  If you visit my sites would you be willing to share how your child relates to the characters in my stories?  If you like my stories a word from you will lift my spirits and encourage my soul.  Feedback will also help me be a better writer. 🙂

I view my writing as a ministry. Writing, for me, flows out of a fire in my being.  As I go about my days I am often hit with that fire.  I sit down and out it flows.  Many times the writing is a revelation of the jumbled up thoughts that brew inside until the day they come together to give voice.

I pray God uses the lessons and messages that come mostly through the messes of my life. God is faithful and He works ALL things together for our good.  That means, the good, the bad and the ugly!

I look forward to knowing you and receiving your comments.  May God Bless you and hold you close to His heart.




2 Responses to About Me

  1. SPTP2011 says:

    Good Morning: I too have recently started blogging. I am still trying to find my way around this new and sometimes frightening electronic medium. I wish you well on your new venture. God Bless you and your writings.
    Susie @ SPTP2011

    • SusanJill says:

      Susie, thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself and sending well wishes. God Bless you as well – I’ll take a little trip over to your Blog to learn a bit more about you.

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