Hope and a Future through Changed Lives

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Susan Jill

Welcome friends and visitors.  I love to write. My family tells me I talk through my fingers. I have always been able to get to the root of things through writing it out on paper.  Now I type because it is much faster. :-)   I am a woman of many and varied interests so you will find that my hubs are varied too.

I am first of all a very grateful daughter of the Living God who gave me the Greatest gift of all .. His one and only son Jesus Christ. I was not raised as a believer; my home life was a nightmare.  As you search my Hubs you will find bits and pieces of my personal story.  A little girl who was not loved by her parents and the transformation that took place when the Greatest love in the Universe found me.   I long to please my Father God in all I do and say.

I am a student of life and of relationships. I pretty much love life – except when I dont ((wink)).  I choose to see the cup as half full rather than half empty.  That perspective has gotten me through alot of the ‘stuff’ of life.

I have had many life experiences and trials (haven’t we all) which, by the grace of God, I have grown through.  I’m not done yet either – don’t suspect I will be til’ I walk through Heaven’s Gates.

I share out of my own journey with a desire to provide support, short-cuts and sometimes to prevent others from mistakes I have made.  I love to write and to read other people’s articles.

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  1. Good Morning: I too have recently started blogging. I am still trying to find my way around this new and sometimes frightening electronic medium. I wish you well on your new venture. God Bless you and your writings.
    Susie @ SPTP2011

    • Susie, thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself and sending well wishes. God Bless you as well – I’ll take a little trip over to your Blog to learn a bit more about you.

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